Wrap. Protect. Recycle.
Shrink Wrap
Recreational Vehicles

How the process works:

  • We begin by padding any sharp corners or edges which could puncture or compromise your shrink wrap seal.
  • Next, depending on the size and shape of your item, a custom structure may be built to act as a support for the shrink wrap. This provides it with something stable to adhere to.
  • Once a secure structure is established, we expertly begin wrapping your item.
  • A heat gun will be used to heat the shrink wrap causing it to tighten over the support structure, or your item. Expertly trained installers use the heat gun to ensure maximum seal is achieved and no heat damage ever occurs.
  • Once fully wrapped and sealed, a thorough inspection of the entire item will be made to confirm proper coverage and security.
  • If necessary, custom installation of venting will be installed to ensure no build up of mold or mildew occurs.

Stop messing around with tarps that don�t fit, or the hassle and cost of indoor storage. Let Shrink Wrap Canada get your items maximum protection with a custom seal for economical prices and services, and we offer onsite service!

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