Wrap. Protect. Recycle.

Polymer stretched in order to
make shrink wrap.


Polymer returns to its natural
tangled state once heat is applied.

Shrink Wrap

How shrink wrap works is actually quite simple. Shrink wrap is made of Polymers, these are long molecules found in plastic. In their natural state, Polymers are tangled and random. However, when Polymer’s are made into plastic film for shrink wrapping, they are stretched out of their tangled state and straightened. Once the shrink wrap has heat applied to it, the film shrinks and this causes the polymers to return to their natural tangled state. In this shrinking process they adhere to whatever they are wrapped around. As the polymers cool, they then harden, leaving a tight custom wrap and seal.

The Steps in Our Shrink wrapping Process:

  1. We will begin by padding any sharp corners or edges of your item which might puncture or compromise the shrink wrap seal. (E.g. windshield wipers, deck gear etc)
  2. Depending on the shape of the item being wrapped, a custom structure might be built for it. This structure will supply support and allow the shrink wrap to have something stable to adhere to.
  3. Once a secure structure is in place, we will then begin to carefully wrap the item.
  4. A heat gun will then be applied to the shrink wrap. This heat will cause the wrap to tighten over the support structure or the item itself.
  5. Once completed, a thorough inspection of the entire item will be made. This inspection is done to confirm proper seal and coverage of the wrap.
  6. To finish, if necessary, installation of custom venting will be installed along with any requested entry doors.