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Shrink Wrap

Can moisture under the cover cause mold/mildew to form?

When you are shrink wrapping any item that is going to be covered for an extended period of time, moisture is a concern. To prevent mold and mildew from forming all covers are properly ventilated to eliminate moisture and condensation. Each job is specifically assessed to determine the exact number and position and this is determined the shape and size of the object being wrapped.

How do you prevent rain and snow from settling on the item causing it to collapse?

This is not an issue as we use simply constructed support systems, when needed to ensure all items have enough pitch for the snow/rain to run off. Also, the slippery smooth surface of the Shrink Wrap encourages run off these things combined prevent settling and possible collapse.

Can heat from the heat gun damage what you are wrapping?

Only if used incorrectly! All expert installers are thoroughly trained on the proper usage of the heat gun and wrap, to ensure the tightest seal and that NO damage ever occurs.

What happens if my cover gets holes?

Holes can occur in any Shrink wrap. Should a hole occur they are actually very quick and easy to repair. In the case of a small hole a piece of shrink tape will fix it quickly. For larger holes a square of film over the hole, with heat applied around the edges, will weld the patch into place.

Isn’t Shrink wrap bad for the environment?

No. Shrink Wraps manufacture, utilization, recycling and destruction do not give off any polluting elements. Shrink wrap is made of low density polyethylene film (LdPE) which is a neutral element. It is 100% recyclable, at a very low cost, and in the case of incineration all gasses released (CO2 and H2O) exist in nature, so they are not harmful to the environment.