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Shrink Wrap
Your Boat

Keep your boat safe and secure so you can get it on the water, as soon as you and the weather are ready!

When you go to uncover your boat, the last thing you want to find is that it needs repairs due to incorrect storage. Tarps that don't fit properly, or chafe, can damage your boat. This can result in the hassle of costly repairs and time lost waiting for it to get fixed, instead of enjoying it on the water. Until now, the only other safe alternative for storing your boat was the costly option of indoor storage, but not anymore. Shrink Wrap Canada offers you a better solution!

Just wrap it!

With Shrink Wrap Canada you get:

  • Custom molded protection to keep your boat dry, clean and free of critters.
  • Custom venting to eliminate or reduce moisture and mildew build-up.
  • UV protection
  • Optional access doors for convenient entry without disturbing your seal.
  • An economical alternative to inside storage.
  • The convenience of on site or at home service.
With Shrink Wrap Canada you will get peace of mind knowing that your investment has a custom molded, air tight barrier, to protect it from all of nature’s elements, as well as animals, mold and mildew.

How we shrink wrap your boat:

  • We will begin by padding any sharp corners or edges that could puncture or compromise the shrink wrap seal. (E.g. windshield wipers, deck gear etc)
  • A custom structure will then be build over your boat. It will consist of support poles and strapping lines, so that the shrink wrap has something stable to adhere to. We will secure the structure by tying it off to the stern, bow and boat sides.
  • Once a secure structure is in place, we will begin expertly wrapping your boat.
  • A heat gun will be used to heat the shrink wrap, causing it to tighten over the support structure and to all sides of the boat. We will start at the bow and work from the bottom of the shrink wrap up, expertly moving the gun in a wide sweeping motions to ensure no heat damage ever occurs.
  • Once completed a thorough inspection of your entire boat will be made. This will comfirm proper seal and coverage of the wrap.
  • We will complete the wrapping with custom installation of venting, to ensure there is no build up of any mold or mildew.
  • If requested we will install a zippered door to allow easy access to your boat without disturbing the shrink wrap seal. These doors can be saved and reused each year.
* It is important that you boat be fully winterized prior to the shrink wrapping process. *

From small fishing boats to large cruisers, Shrink Wrap Canada will protect your investment so that you can continue to enjoy it!

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